5 Ideas for your next promotional event

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Business goals are outlined and now it is time for you to shine with a promotional idea that will bring desired results. You run many promotional campaigns per year and you have realized that classic prize draws and discounting are not effective enough any more. This time you want to try something fresh, something that will help the business stand out from the competition.

Here are 5 fresh ideas that might help you achieve the desired result:

Treasure Hunt

Creating custom treasure hunt is a cool guerrilla-marketing tactic that can highly engage audiences. Treasure hunts can involve single or multiple items hidden across a certain area or city. You can post clues on social media, via SMS or email, and even involve local radio or TV for a broader reach. Depending on your industry, there are various ways to reward your winners with selected prizes, digital codes or an entry to the next level of the competition. The only limit is your imagination and creativity.

Sponsorship Promotion

When you think about sponsorship, you might think of a local soccer team with your logo on their uniforms. Actually, there can be much more to sponsorship than branding on uniforms, posters and flags. For example, your business could sponsor a certain blog or an influencer, sponsor live streaming event, provide a mobile charging station or play area at the local trade show, or sponsor the after party. The main point is to engage the audience, so they remember your brand.

Design Competition

Involve the community by partnering with a school or university and create a design challenge with appealing prizes for best results. Engaging a local school or university could bring a lot of free PR and social media sharing. Based on the type of business you are in, you could organize a competition for a product design, packaging, logo, car branding, etc.


With high-speed development of technology, it is becoming easier for brands to use more high tech options for marketing. Augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) are becoming ever more popular among younger customers as they like to blend the real and virtual worlds (such as Pokémon Go game). Ikea is also good example of using AR with the app that gives you the ability to place virtual furniture in your own home. And VR is particularly useful for product demonstrations or services that are harder to show. With VR, the user is able to experience situations in a way that might be too difficult or physically impossible to experience in a non-VR environment (i.e. if the product is too big or it has outdoor applications).

Innovative packaging and displays

Product packaging has a strong influence on how we feel about products and brands. Think about the packaging of your product; is it appealing, eye-catching, or is it merely a box that protects the product inside? Product packaging plays a huge role in marketing and promotion. If you own an Apple product, just remember the feeling you had when unboxing a new product. Most people even keep the packaging, which significantly increases top of mind brand awareness. However, packaging doesn’t have to be expensive to make an impression. Your products can grab customer’s attention by being presented in an unusual way or at the unusual location. For example you can create a pop-up store.

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