5 Steps to Successful Product Launch

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You have created a revolutionary product and now need people to buy it. Spreading the word is not as easy as it used to be and you need to use innovative tactics for a product launch to cut through the noise of today’s overcrowded market. 

Here are 5 steps for getting the attention you deserve.

1. Learn from others

You don’t need an original marketing idea to create a successful launch, repurpose an existing successful idea by reinventing it. Learn from different industries and you can have a totally fresh idea within your industry. Examine what your competition is doing, take what’s good, and improve what is not.
Secondly, get advice and listen. Talk to people that will poke holes in your ideas, which you can then correct and improve before the product launch. Resist on being defensive, and instead use this opportunity to improve your strategy.

2. Start early

Don’t expect the media to write about your product when you want or people to become interested in what you have to offer instantly. Begin 2-3 months before the official launch date and keep the ball rolling until way after the official launch:

  • Use a prelaunch video campaign to build interest and brand awareness.
  • Use social media to spread “leaks” and “unofficial” photos and specification of your products. Target people who are more likely to want to find out more or spread the “rumours”. Apple is a master of this technique.
  • Do something unusual. This could be a funny video, a contest, doing a stunt or anything that would be otherwise be unusual for your business

3. Involve influencers

Times have changed, and traditional media is not as successful as it used to be. You need to look at new alternatives and influencers seem to be the latest trend. A respected influencer can give your product instant credibility. It doesn’t mean you have to hire a global celebrity; you can involve your customers, bloggers or even a local mayor to endorse your new product or business.

Equally important are your loyal customers or fans. Don’t jump into launching without first building a trust with your fans that will vouch for the product. Give them access to the product ahead of the official launch, get their reviews and involve them on social media.

4. Make it easy for people to learn more

Make sure your website and staff are ready for people’s inquiries about your new product and what information will be going out before and after the official launch.
Be prepared to answer questions about availability, pricing, free trials, demos, product videos, and product specifications.
Don’t make people browse for information for too long, or they will loose interest. Help them find information easily with landing pages and live support.

5. Keep the release rolling

Expecting a “big bang” news explosion on the official launch date is not very realistic unless you are a well-known brand. Take the launch date only as a day when a product becomes available.

Give reporters some time to write about your product and keep on producing fresh news such as different ways of using your product, customer testimonials, product’s value for money, etc.

Instead of counting Facebook and Instagram likes, focus on social engagement. Connect with people who like your product and find a way that they can help you share your offering with their social circle. Don’t just bombard them with talking about your product, as it will only drive them away. Focus on people and talk about what interests them.


Please share your ideas for creating attention around product launches. Comment below.

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