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7 questions to ask when planning a promotional campaign

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When planning a promotion, start by answering the questions below to help you determine what type of promotion, place, activities and tools would suit your business goal the most. Be sure to allow enough time for organisation, especially when government permits are required.
Based on the promotion type, scale and available staff, we recommend to start planning minimum of two months before the promotion start date.
  • Brand recognition; raising brand awareness among existing customers.
  • Lead generation; reaching a new, broader audience.
  • Customer engagementgetting customers to interact with your products.
  • Sales growthincreasing sales throughout a certain period.
  • Other

This will depend on your budget, length and place of your promotional campaign. Below are a few ideas on the most popular types of promotions:

  • Chance-based competition
    Mostly used for acquiring new leads. Participants enter their details for a chance to win. This type of promotional campaign is more difficult to set up, but usually attracts a lot of entries, as it is easy to enter. It requires a permit in some states.
  • Skill-based competition
    Requires a test of skill / talent and is great for engaging existing customers. Entrants must submit some sort of useful content e.g. provide an idea in 25 words or less.
  • Bonus gift with purchase
    Used for rewarding existing customers or to increase sales throughout a certain period.
  • Coupon
    Encourages repeat purchase with new or existing customers.
  • Cash-back
    A pricing tactic without discounting and potentially reducing the brand value in customers’ mind. It also encourages brand switching.
  • Loyalty program
    Creates brand loyalty and encourages repeat purchase.
  • Sampling
    Used to attract new customers when introducing new/improved products.
  • Guerrilla
    Using an unconventional approach and reaching high volume audiences on a small budget.
  • Online, on your websiteyou will need to create a landing promo page.
  • On social mediaeg. Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Locally; at a single or multiple locations. The promotion can be run at one of your stores or public places such as local park or beach (the only limit is your imagination).
  • NationallyAcross a chain of locations.
  • At a specific event; eg. tradeshow, sponsorship event.

The promotion prize will have a direct impact on a number of people that want to enter the promotion. While having a great promotional concept is very important, the prize you offer can either make or break the campaign.

Think of these questions when selecting a prize:

  • Does the prize suit your brand image?
  • Does the prize appeal to the people you want to attract?
    Consider the age, gender, income and habits of people you want to target.
  • Does the prize fit the level of engagement required of your participants?
  • Special product packaging
  • Your website or third party website
  • Direct mail to your subscribers
  • Advertising or promoting via influencers on social media
  • At the trade show/event
  • TV and radio broadcast
  • Print media advertising (Make sure to plan early enough)
  • Random draw – It could be electronic or manual.
  • Voting – Get more engagement by involving the public to choose the winner.
  • Judges – Recruit the judges to make final selection of winners. Can you get celebrities on board? It is an excellent way to attract more participants.
  • Voting and judges – You can start with a public voting to select the shortlist then have judges to select winners. To keep the competition interesting, additional tasks can be used for the shortlisted candidates.
  • Engage local newspapers, TV and radio to report on the story for further promoting your brand or product.
  • Publish the lucky winners on social media and website to gain more exposure and engagement.
  • Get testimonials and use them on your website for further promotion.
  • Analyse the promotion; was the promotion successful, what did you learn and how can you improve next time?

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