Christmas marketing ideas for small business blog post 2017

Christmas Marketing Ideas for Small Business

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With only 6 weeks left until Christmas, it’s time to stop scratching your head on how to make your business stand out this silly season and start planning a campaign. Below are a few ideas that might help you get ahead.

Get featured in gift guides

If your products are popular for gifting, this might be a really good way to get yourself in front of an ideal audience. People are constantly searching for great gift ideas, so partnering with magazines, bloggers and influencers can give you a decent boost over the holiday season. If you can also provide entertaining images of your products that incorporate a bit of holiday flair, you could be on a winner.

Focus your Adwords campaign and SEO around Christmas keywords

Take the advantage of this time of year by paying attention to keywords research. Don’t try and target the same keywords every year as they do change and you won’t get the expected results. Use Google Trends ( ) to figure out new keywords that may give you the edge. Be careful though, these holiday keywords should be only used as an addition to your businesses core words, not used to replace them. Associating trending keywords with your already established ones will hold you in good stead for increased website traffic.

Send a holiday-focused email campaign

Think email marketing is lame and over done? Think again! Email marketing is still the highest converting channel for online stores. A campaign focused on the 12 Days of Christmas may sound old and overused, but if done right, massive sales can be and still have been achieved by many different businesses. 
It’s human nature to be curious, meaning people want to know what you’re offering next. It is, however, crucially important to select the right products for the right target market. 
Make sure to keep people interested by including different offers and try to avoid sales offer every day. Alternatively, offer free samples, a gift for a friend, invite your audience to an event or ask them to enter a competition. Social Media can also be your best friend when it comes to increasing interest and subscription rates by sharing snippets of your campaign.

Offer a gift with purchase

This marketing campaign might be simple, but it is super effective. Discounting can devalue your product or brand but with this you are merely adding value. Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost a cent! Some companies will happily partner with you to offer complimentary products, as long as your brands audiences match and there are benefits for both parties. 
Bundling up a new product, and giving it away as a bonus gift with the purchase of a best seller is also a terrific way to get your new product known and test the market. Other options include offering a free shipping, a discount voucher or a gift card for a local shopping center, movies or fuel.

Dare to be different

Create an outstanding marketing campaign that will make people stop and wonder. For example, you could create an unusual theme for Australia, such as “Snowy Christmas” and give away winter bonus gifts like ski pass, or a trip to a wintery country. Another idea is to hire a humorous content writer and cartoonist to create and share funny, Australian themed Christmas content over your website, social media and email campaigns for the month of December. Emotion is the way to your consumer’s heart and there is nothing better than connecting through laughter. As you may have already noticed, entertaining content is up there as one of the most commonly shared content pieces. Make the most of it.

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