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The ultimate guide for planning a successful promotional campaign

Download this simple-to-use checklist to strategically plan your next promotional campaign. It will help you determine the what, where, and how to ensure you achieve your business/promotional goal.

Plan your next promotional campaign like a professional!

Before you begin planning your next promotional campaign, start by answering the questions listed in the checklist guide. It will help you determine the what, where, and how to ensure you achieve your business goal.

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Some ideas for your next promotion

  • Prize draw

The most popular type of promotion, whereby you offer a prize (cash, services or other items) and winners are determined by chance or by skill (e.g. best answer). Promotions such as these are bound by regulations and in some states, government permits are required.

  • Cash-back

Cash-back promotions are an awesome way to increase the sale of new or existing products and can be easily implemented nationally as well as regionally. They work best with higher priced products such as electronics and white goods and are usually organised by distributors or manufacturers.

  • Sponsorship

Great for building brand awareness and connecting with your community. Examples of sponsorship promotions include charitable events, sports tournaments, concerts, sponsoring a local sports team, trade shows and other community events.

  • Guerrilla marketing

This tactic promotes your products/services in an unconventional way to reach a high volume of people on a small budget. For this to work, you need to cause an emotional reaction, which ensures people remember your brand in a different way.

  • Loyalty PROGRAM

These programs have a long-term focus on growing and retaining existing customers through incentives and rewards. Customers receive points or bonus cards when they reach certain spending increments, and may also be given special discounts or advanced access to new products.

  • Sampling promotions

One of the most effective ways of creating brand awareness at key locations such as shopping centers, trade shows, events or even on-line groups. Sampling gives customers the chance to sample a product before they commit to buy.