Sunshine Coast Marketing blog post: How to build trust with great content

How to build trust with great content

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In order for people to get to know your business, products and services, you need to share content. There is no doubt about it. However, it will depend on the type of content you share, whether people will trust your business and buy from you.

It is no longer enough to only talk about the technical side of your offer, even if your products are unique. It is how you make people feel that will depend if they will buy from you or go elsewhere.

Below I have described 4 examples of sharing great content with your customers that any business can take advantage of, no matter the size or marketing budget.  

Write a blog with useful information

If your business webpage doesn’t already have a blog, start one now. I realise writing seems scary for a lot of people, believe me, I’ve been there. English is not even my first language. You really don’t have to be a writer to write. Who knows more about your products than you do?

Articles can be short and to the point, just think about what your customer would be interested in. You could write about different uses of your products/services, show examples, talk about hints and tricks, and product development. To personalise your business, write about your team members and about behind the scenes work. You could also ask your team members to write an article about their departments.

Use photos and videos to break up the text, and don’t make articles too long, as nobody wants to read long chunks of text.

Use social media

Almost everybody uses Facebook these days, and people WILL check your page, especially if they do not know your business yet. Make sure your Facebook page is updated regularly with new posts. Remember, consistency matters, so make sure you add 2-3 posts per week to keep it relevant.

Depending on your business, you might also consider using Instagram, Pinterest and other available social channels. Just don’t start with all at once, as it can become overwhelming. With no dedicated team members, I would recommend to only decide for 1 channel to start with. Review the features of the available social media channels and decide which one is the most appropriate for your business.

Create video tutorials

Who wants to read printed technical guides these days, especially if a short video is available instead? Think about how you can implement video tutorials about your products or services (unboxing, installation process, tips and tricks, customer testimonials, etc). Use these videos on your website, blog, social media and email campaigns. Make sure the videos are not too long and boring or make short and long versions if needed.

Design your own infographics

Another great way of visual communication is infographics. They might not be easy to create, however depending on your product or service they might be a perfect way to explain something. Examples might include: how it works, pro and cons, comparison charts, how to order, features & benefits, and other relevant data.

Use the infographics on social media, website, email campaigns or even print them out as posters and send them to your customers or retail stores if that’s where you sell your products.

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