Small Business Marketing: 5 Ideas that won’t break your budget

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Growing a small business isn’t easy, especially when only starting. The small business marketing budget is tight and you need to make the most of it. Below are 5 “budget” small business marketing ideas that can help you boost your sales and help you get recognised among your target market.

Apply for business awards

Applying for business awards are a great opportunity to raise your profile in the local community, nationally and among your industry. Even if you do not win the award, you can benefit from using titles such as “finalist” or “nominee”. Customers like to deal with businesses they can trust and getting recognition from a third party makes your business more credible. You will, however, have to put some work in it. Writing an application can be quite a task, and it will be up to you to take advantage of being a “nominee” or “winner”.

Create eye-catchy business cards

Great business cards always attract attention. This is especially important if you give away a lot of business cards on networking events, trade shows and are talking to potential customers. Do you want people to check your store or website after you leave? Then make sure your business card catches their eye and makes them find out more about your business. This can be achieved in many ways, not just by a good design. The business card has to be clever. You can use special shapes, colours, folding techniques, have a dual purpose, etc.

Host an educational event

Hosting an educational event can have many benefits for any business, from positioning you as an expert in your industry to generating leads, and meeting customers face-to-face. Customers trust a business more and are more loyal if they know the people they are dealing with and can see that you care. Educational events are a great opportunity to achieve that. Free events attract a bigger audience and if you can convert them into your customers or even better, loyal customers, they are well worth your time and investment in your small business marketing.

Give away useful freebies at local events

If you are a local business, partner up with another business or sponsor an event with some free giveaways. There are plenty of events where they give away free goodie bags or draw door prizes. Why not include a sample of your product or useful branded giveaway. The only thing you need to make sure is that the gift is relevant to your business, so it will remind the potential customer about your business with every use.

Ask for testimonials & use them to boost sales

Testimonials are a powerful tool, that you can no longer ignore. They can seriously boost (or damage) your sales results. Customers will complain about their bad experience on public pages but will seldom write a good testimonial without being asked. This is just human nature, and it is important for your business to manage that. 

Ask for a testimonial immediately after the project is done or when the customer starts feeling the benefits of your product/service. But don’t just ask them to come up with their own writeup, as this might put a pressure on your customer and they won’t do it. It is not easy to come up with “the right” wording. Ask them questions instead, summarise it and ask them if you can use that as a testimonial. This is a super easy way to get many testimonials.

Can you ask questions that will also answer other customers concerns? Then these testimonials can really be decision makers for other potential customers.

Use the testimonials on your website, emailing campaigns and even quotes.

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